Will Israel Get More F-35s To Offset Russia’s S-300 Systems In Syria?

Lockheed Martin © Andy Wolfe / Reuters

Sputnik: US to Supply More F-35s to Israel to Offset S-300 Systems in Syria – Report

On Tuesday, Russia’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that Moscow had delivered S-300 missile systems to Syria to increase the security of Russian military personnel in the Arab country.

An additional shipment of US F-35 stealth planes will be supplied to Israel under President Trump’s order, in retaliation to Syria’s recent acquisition of Russian S-300 missile defense batteries, according to the Israeli news website Debka.

Washington also notified Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that the first US F-35 squadron would soon be deployed at Al Dhafra Air base 32 kilometers south of UAE’s capital Abu Dhabi.


Update #1: US to send Israel more F-35s after Moscow supplies S-300s to Syria – reports (RT)
Update #2: US to give Israel more F-35s to face S-300s, deploy a squadron in Emirates (Debka)

WNU Editor:  Russian news websites and the Israeli website Debka are the only ones who are reporting on this story. And while I do not know if it is true, it is true that Israel is currently involved in a war against Iran in Syria, …. Israel Confirms That It Has Carried Out More Than 200 Air-Strikes And 800 Missile And Mortar Shells Against Iranian Targets In Syria Over The Past 18 Months (September 4, 2018), and that the S-300 deployment in Syria may shift the tactical advantage that Israel currently has …. hence the need for more F-35 stealth planes.

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