Spaceship launch failed, astronauts landed on emergency landing

(Moscow, 11th) A Russian spacecraft carrying Russian and American astronauts failed to launch on Thursday. At present, Russian rescuers have found two astronauts on an emergency landing, both of whom are safe and sound.

According to the release of the Russian Aerospace Group, at 11:40 on the day of Moscow time (16:40, Malaysia time), an “Union MS-10” spacecraft carrying astronauts was carried out by Kazakh from the “Union-FG” carrier rocket. Baikonur in Stan was launched.

It was reported that after about 119 seconds of take-off, the first stage of the rocket was separated, and the fairing at the top of the rocket was thrown away, but the second stage engine of the rocket was suddenly closed, after which the passenger compartment was suddenly separated from the rocket and a parachute landing was thrown. The authorities said that the Russian astronaut Ovchinin and the American astronaut Haig survived on the spacecraft. They planned to be stationed at the International Space Station for about half a year.

The two astronauts landed about 20 km from the central city of Jazkazgan in Kazakhstan. A Russian airborne team arrived first by plane and found the spacecraft crew cabin after the parachute. The two have already been out of the cabin and have not been injured by preliminary examination and are in good condition. They will be sent to the Astros Hospital in Baikonur for further inspection before returning to Moscow.

After learning that the astronauts were safe, the Russian President’s Press Secretary Peskov said: “Thank God, the astronauts are still alive.” Russian Aerospace Group President Rogozin said that the spacecraft’s emergency escape system has performed well and Russia will set up a national investigation committee to investigate this. The accident.

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