The world’s longest flight will sail for nearly 19 hours without landing

(Singapore, 11th) The world’s longest-haul flight is about to add another record. Singapore Airlines flight SQ22 flies straight from Changi Airport to New York City today. It has not been landing for nearly 19 hours!

The new Airbus A350-900ULR model, launched by Singapore Airlines flight SQ22, can carry 67 passengers in business class, 94 in preferred economy class, for a total of 161 passengers. It will depart from Singapore Changi Airport at 11:35 tonight and fly to 16,700 kilometers. New York time arrives at Newark Airport at 6 am on the 12th. The estimated flight time is 18 hours and 45 minutes.

Singapore Airlines said that including two assistant pilots and 13 cabin attendants, the crew’s workload will be dispersed, and each person must rest at least four hours during the flight.

In order to allow passengers to easily travel through the marathon, Singapore Airlines has an 1200-hour film option on board. In addition, Singapore Airlines will provide a variety of healthy meals to passengers, and the cabin space is higher than other models, increased windows, adequate lighting can reduce the impact of jet lag.



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