Recruitment of the snails in Australia and recruitment of RM4,300

Since the Australian government revised the policy of donating sperm, the number of men who volunteered to donate sperm has become less and less, leading to the shortage of sperm in Australia in recent years. In order to solve the crisis of lack of quality, the Australian donor organization recently published a heroic post to solicit 21-45-year-old high-quality juice male shots. Good shots, as long as the sample is used, up to AU$1,500 (about RM4,300) in compensation. “Every hero has millions of heroes in his body…!”

According to the Australian News Network, in the past 30 years, Australia’s conditions for donating sperm have become more stringent. In addition to prohibiting anonymity and paid donations, donors must pass a level check before they donate.

Many men who have too much semen are reluctant to retreat. They prefer to shoot pistols on toilet paper, and they are not willing to go out of their homes to donate their help. This has led many women who are looking for sex to turn to illegal channels to find donors. More social problems have arisen.

In view of this, Australia’s donation machine purchase “IVF” recently publicly sought 21 to 45-year-old, healthy males to lend a helping hand, donate together, as long as you fill in the coupons online, answer some simple questions can be a happy juice man Although the law prohibits paid donations.

But IVF also promises that as long as semen is used, each sample will receive $150 in horse-drawn, nutritious and mental compensation, up to a maximum of 1,500 Australian dollars.

Influenced by the trend of multi-sex society in recent years, in order to avoid disputes over the future of children, IVF stressed that they especially welcome gay men to donate their sperm, shoot good to help lesbians to have children, and realize the dream of forming a family.

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