LeBron James Yachtin' with Jimmy Iovine, Billionaire Boat Club!

LeBron James Yachtin’ with Jimmy Iovine … Billionaire Boat Club!

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LeBron James may not be the richest guy floating off the Amalfi Coast right now … because Jimmy Iovine just showed up! 

The music mogul was spotted on a yacht with LeBron on the 4th of July — as the NBA star continues to celebrate his new $154 million Lakers contract

Unclear if LeBron is on Jimmy’s yacht … or if Jimmy is on LeBron’s yacht — but one thing is for sure … they can both afford some sick boats! 

By the way, they have a Beats By Dre connection — Jimmy (who co-founded the company with Dr. Dre) made a fortune when Apple purchased it for $3.2 billion. 

Did you also know … LeBron ALSO made a ton of cash from the sale? He reportedly got a small stake in the company in exchange for promoting the brand back in 2008 and, when it sold to Apple, he made a cool $30 mil!

So, who buys drinks on the yacht … Jimmy or LeBron?

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