Britain’s 190,000 soldiers are too fat. Experts: The battlefield must be completely destroyed.

More than 190,000 soldiers in the UK are overweight, and 17,000 of them are obese.

Military experts believe that if the Ministry of National Defense does not resolve the military obesity crisis, once the war is encountered, the British army will definitely suffer heavy casualties.

According to data obtained by the British “Sunday Post” under the Freedom of Information Act, as of July this year, the Army had 8,662 soldiers obese (extremely obese), the Royal Navy also had 4,666, and the Royal Air Force had 4,274, the highest number ever.

Recently, more people have taken pictures. When a group of soldiers are on duty on the road, many soldiers are very big belly.

Richard Kemp, a British colonel who served as a commander in Afghanistan, called on the Department of Defense to dismiss military personnel who could not maintain their “body.” He warned that retaining this type of soldier is a waste of public money and deceiving the public. In the battle, they not only put themselves in danger, but also have a better body shape.

In response, a Defense Ministry spokesperson responded that military personnel need to pass a physical examination, and the authorities will provide weight loss meals and fitness support to unqualified people to help them restore their standard size and healthy weight.

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