The chicken squad is wearing a video like this. It’s being lost by a male star.

The 24-year-old actress Ji Paimei (Zheng Jiachun) has lived in Japan for a long time. Today (6), she went to the variety show “Guoguang Help”. Because she was too hot, she let her friend Zhang Lidong eat ice cream, but she was shy. Where to look, laughing at the chicken chops: “When you wake up, wear a video?”

▲ Chicken chops are not showing their bodies. (Figure / flipping chicken mai sister IG, 2018.08.06)

Chicken Pai sister put a lot of selfies on IG today. In the photo, she wore a skinny lace dress and a big breast deep ditch. She said that because she took too many photos and had obstacles to choose, she came up with PO. Chicken The self-portrait half-length photo of the sisters, the two D milks on the chest are half exposed, quite sexy, even the long-lost friend Zhang Lidong, when they take photos with her, they don’t know where to put them, but also the chickens and sisters. ?”

▲ Chicken chops are too hot to wear, so that Zhang Lidong’s eyes don’t know where to put it. (Figure / flipping chicken mai sister IG, 2018.08.06)

The chicken ribs are hot and sexy, and the style is bold. This time, the big dew milk makes many fans have ice cream. Many netizens said that “pure too beautiful, I like it”, “serious women are really irresistible.” “You can’t pay attention to your costume, what makeup is smashing.” “Every piece looks good. This dress is very powerful. What is the male eye to put?”

▲ Chicken maiden wears such a video, and Zhang Lidong is wearing a pajamas. (Figure / flipping chicken mai sister IG, 2018.08.06)

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