The famous good girlfriends in the Korean group MAMAMOO friendship for more than 10 years GFRIEND height difference 10cm

The famous good girlfriends in the Korean group! MAMAMOO friendship is more than 10 years, GFRIEND height difference is 10cm

It is said that girls can become good friends, either have a common hobby or have a common enemy. Many people will feel that the members of a team have very little feelings, and many of them are just professional partners. There used to be a popular male group who broke the news that there was no mobile phone number between the members. It was really a small face. However, there are also some female girlfriends who have deep feelings in the Korean group. They are often inseparable and are good sisters of each other.



The first pair is redvelvet’s Qi Qi and Wendy. Both were born in 1994, so it is a good relationship. In the team, Qi Qi is the main dance, and Wendy is the lead singer, and the two work together to collide with a unique chemical reaction is enough to watch. The two also have a lot in common in life. They often see that they are stuck together and the relationship is very good.




The second pair is the fascinating man of Mamamoo and Huasha. Huiren and Huasha are also good friends of the same age. The two were born in 1995. They are the singers in the team. The two are similar. Huiren and Huasha have met from middle school. They have been close relatives since childhood. They have been known for more than 10 years now, and now they are still popular in a combination. It is really rare. The most difficult thing is that the two also have a friend’s word “CADDO” on their neck, which is a soul mate.





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