U-2 Pilots Were Given A Special Diet So They Wouldn’t Have To Poop

U-2 cockpit. Public Domain

Popular Mechanics: The CIA Gave U-2 Pilots a Special Diet So They Wouldn’t Have To Poop

The U-2 was no place for a Number Two.

The U-2 spy plane was famous for pushing pilot endurance to the limit. The slow, high-flying aircraft flew for up to nine hours at a time, with a single pilot guiding the plane, taking pictures of the ground below, and occasionally dodging surface-to-air missiles.

Nine hours is a long time to be cooped up in a plane without a real bathroom—or to be stuck in a small space with the smell of your own fart. So the CIA actually prescribed a proper diet for U-2 pilots to avoid the need to poop or pass gas.


WNU Editor: They think of everything.

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