The cat broke into the fashion show, accompanied the model, walked the catwalk.

A fashion show can successfully attract attention and add color to the clothing. Models, hair makeup, lighting, music and scenes are all key elements. Recently, a fashion show was broken in by a cat and accidentally snatched the spotlight. Amused scene a lot of people.

An accidental episode appeared on the Esmod International Fashion Show in Istanbul, Turkey this week, with a cat breaking into the model’s runway. When the model showed the costume, the cat ignored the surrounding things and stunned everyone in the middle.

During the cat’s “big trouble” fashion show, it once moved forward like a model, just like it is also a part of the fashion show.

At present, the source of the cat is not known. Some attendees took the live screen and put it on the Internet, which quickly caused heated discussion. The netizens smiled and said that they were “too cute,” “cool,” and “real catwalk.”

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