Every day begging is actually living in a villa. “Begging Grandma” is expelled.

A “begging grandmother” in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China, has been very hot recently. At 79, she went to Hangzhou Station every day to ask for money from passengers. But in fact, the old woman’s family is superior, not only live in the villa, but also have more than a dozen storefront rentals. I also have at least 100,000 yuan in deposits, so that the station also broadcasts to remind passengers not to be fooled.

“The old aunt takes advantage of his old age and wins the compassion of the passengers. He waits for an opportunity to beg. The old aunt’s family has excellent living conditions. Please ask the passengers to identify the authenticity and not be fooled.” The begging grandmother who told the station broadcast said that she wanted to The station sells maps, but the station is not allowed, so it is begging at the station to the passengers.

The son’s behavior towards the mother is quite helpless, indicating that the family has no worries about food and clothing, and that he does not care about his mother, but the mother does not listen to dissuasion.

According to the comprehensive Chinese media report, my grandmother is living in a 5-storey villa in Hangzhou. She and her son live on the second floor or above. There are at least 3 rooms on each floor. There are more than a dozen air-conditioning units, and there are still ten grandmothers. The first floor store is rented. There are convenience stores, open restaurants, and mobile phones. The larger store has a rent of about 50,000 yuan a year. The local reporter asked if his son’s grandmother’s deposit was more than 100,000 yuan. The son said “what’s not,” but said the mother never disclosed the specific amount.

The son was quite helpless about his mother’s behavior. He said that he would beg the mother for beating the photographs taken to the mother. “I said, don’t face, we have to face.” However, the mother simply ignored it. “Follow me why others can (begging ), I can’t! Why do you want me to be alone!” The son lamented that his mother couldn’t help himself. He went out at 10 am every day, took the bus to the subway station, and took the subway to the destination of begging. “To say She has more money in the bank than many people here. She has saved money in several banks nearby. From the beginning of my work, all the money she earned is screaming.”

For some people who think that begging for grandma is a lack of companionship, they will go out to beg. The son has no choice but to say that he has lived with his parents, but “Who is free to accompany my parents all day long, have you been with your elderly parents all day? Everyone has their own business.” He also thought about sending his parents back to his hometown, but he was worried that if there was anything wrong with him, the last son sighed: “How can I persuade her not to listen. Such a mother, to you, what would you do?”

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