A woman who dared to get on the big brother, the man was taken to the mountain, “changing the pig’s head”

Taiwan’s Taichung Lai’s man knows 20-year-old Xiaoying (a pseudonym) on the Internet. In October last year, Xiaoying and Chen’s boyfriend quarreled to find a man complaining. Lai’s machine sneered Xiaoying’s one-night stand at the motel. Afterwards, Xiaoying succumbed to men. Invasion but not prosecution.

Chen Nan was dissatisfied with his girlfriend’s grievances. He and Xiaoying and two friends took Lai Nan to the mountains, and sent the girlfriend’s mobile phone and other people’s sex videos to his girlfriend, and forced a 3 million yuan (RM400,000) promissory note. On the 29th, the Taichung District Prosecutor’s Office prosecuted four people, including Chen Nan, for accusations of robbery, nuisance, and intrusion into other people’s computers.

The prosecution pointed out that Lai Nan and 20-year-old Xiaoying met on the Internet, Xiaoying Yingmei. In October last year, Xiaoying and Chen’s boyfriend quarreled and complained to Lai, Lai’s machine invited Xiaoying to meet and chat, and said that she would like to After the exchange, he finally deceived him to a one-night stand in the steam brigade. Afterwards, Xiaoying believed that he was sexually assaulted and appealed to Lai, but he did not sue for the lack of evidence.

After Chen Min was informed, he was determined to teach Lai Nan for his girlfriend. On the evening of October 16 last year, Xiao Ying called Joan to meet, and Chen and the two friends, including Song and Xia, appeared to mourn the man and imprisoned him. He boarded the car to the Dakeng Mountain area. Chen Nan forced Lai to tell the mobile phone password. Xiao Ying sent the sex movie filmed by Lai’s mobile phone to others, and sent it to Lai’s girlfriend, Zhang’s girlfriend, to see the true face of Lai’s man. Then delete the relevant dialogues and photos of Lai Nan and Xiao Ying.

Chen Nan forced Mr. Lai to force three copies of each of the 1 million yuan of the promissory note. The video was asked by the man to say “I am willing” to the camera. After the goal was reached, Lai will return home. Lai Ma sees his son injured and handles the incident.

After Lai’s beggars, there were concussions, chest wall contusions, multiple bruises on the limbs and multiple bruises on the head. The Taichung District Inspection Office found that Chen Nan had more than three people, depriving Lai’s freedom of movement and forcing the promissory notes. Unauthorized intrusion and transmission and deletion of mobile phone data, etc., on the 29th, according to aggravated robbers and other crimes sued Chen and other four people.

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