Male tyrants in the nursery room to play mobile phone Breastfeeding mother anger alarm handling

A shameless man in China even took over the nursery of the mall and prevented his mother from milking. In the end, the mother was angry and rushed to the police.

A Xu surnamed mother from Jiangsu went to the nursery of a shopping mall in Wuxi on Saturday to prepare for milking. As soon as she entered the nursery, she found a famous man sitting inside playing with a mobile phone. Xu was very polite to ask him to leave at first, but the man ignored it. Xu Niu began to impatient and yelled at him: “I have told you for a long time, what is going on with you? If you are in the public, I am taking off my underwear here to suck the milk?”

During the cleaning of a clean aunt, the man was left to leave, but the shameless man still did not respond. He suddenly asked the woman: “What if you don’t have a mother and baby room outside?” Xu Nu listened with anger and said loudly: “There is no maternal and child room.” How do I feed my milk? How does it matter to you, it doesn’t matter to you, you can’t control it! I think you are really abnormal! Please go out, I told you that I have already called the police.”

Xu Nv saw that he still refused to leave and continued: “Now please go out immediately, there are so many free chairs outside, you don’t sit, you have to sit in the maternal and child room, why? Why do you have to go with a breastfeeding mother? Are you not your mother to feed big?”

Unexpectedly, the other party replied again: “Where is your child?” Xu said: “My child didn’t bring it out, can’t I use the mother’s room? I brought an electric breast pump, I want to suck the milk. Yeah!” At this time, the security guard of the mall was present and the man was willing to leave.

The staff of the mall said that there was a notice of “men stop” outside the gate of the nursery. They were informed that security personnel had been arranged to remove the men involved after the incident. However, Xu Nuo did not ask the customer service department of the mall for help. Instead, she reported the incident and they recorded the incident.

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