An In-Depth Interview With Chuck Yeager

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Warzone/The Drive: This In-Depth Interview With Chuck Yeager Is An Absolute Must Watch

General Yeager discusses everything from his most harrowing test flights to stealth technology to doing what you love for a living.

Chuck Yeager is a very colorful, larger-than-life character. He is a household name for breaking mankind into the realm of supersonic flight, but his career is so dense with accomplishment and adventure it’s hard to imagine it can actually be true. His biography Yeager reads something like a mix between The Right Stuff and Forest Gump. It’s one of the best military books you will ever read, but this exceptionally high-quality interview, shot in 1991, is a nearly essential companion to it. In it, Yeager conveys some of his most harrowing cockpit experiences in a way only he can, as well as everything from his thoughts on the future of air combat to the space program. It may have a one hour and 35 minute runtime, but you will be left wanting more.


WNU Editor: If you have the time. A must see interview.

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