The ancient 3 predictions of the Bible come true. Netizens: Is the end of the day really coming?

The saying of “the end of the world” has not been interrupted for the past few decades, but the three ancient prophecies of the Bible have been fulfilled in recent months, including the red heifers born in Israel in August, the fishes in the Dead Sea, and the snakes crying. Climbing out of the gap in the wall once again ignited the netizens’ curiosity about the end of the world and the coming of the Messiah.

Among the verses in Christianity and Judaism, the red cow is crucial to the prediction of the “end of the world.”

But the Israeli Temple Institute announced the news of the birth of “Red Heifer” on YouTube in September, and after inspection, it found that it meets the conditions of the “blemish free” of the prophecy. And it has also been given the “repurification of the world” meaning.

In October, an Israeli photojournalist declared that he had discovered “the 8th wonder of the world” because he found fish and plants growing in the Dead Sea, where salinity reached 37%. This also confirms the doomsday prophecy of the Old Testament prophet Ezekiel, that is, “When the water flows from the Temple of Jerusalem into the Dead Sea, the Dead Sea will no longer be the Dead Sea. There will be flocks of fish here.”

On the day of October 31, a public witnessed a snake coming out of the crack of the Israeli Wailing Wall and scared off a pigeon, causing the “panic” of the believers.

Some people think that this snake is the incarnation of the devil Satan, because it is the snake that lures Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. But some bloggers mentioned that the “pigeon” in this event symbolizes people living in “dangerous moments” and will make the Savior Saia’s coming to the world.

Although the news of the last days is not uncommon, after the signs of the Bible prophecy appear one after another, many people are even more convinced that the end of the world is coming, and some claim that the fastest end will come in 2021.

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