'All That' Stage Manager is All for Nickelodeon Rebooting Show

‘All That’ Reboot Yes, Bring It Back & Keep it There!!! … Says Ex-Stage Manager


A Nickelodeon exec recently expressed interest in rebooting “All That” … and a former (adult) cast member thinks the idea is brilliant for more reasons than just nostalgia.

Kevin Kopelow — who used to play the stage manager on Nickelodeon’s ‘SNL’ for kids — tells us he was thrilled when he heard Brian Robbins tell THR he wanted to bring it back. Brian said it should never have gone off the air … and Kevin agrees. 

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Aside from the fact there’d never been anything like it on TV — and there hasn’t been since 2005 when it got canceled — Kevin says the show was a perfect farm system for breeding stars like Nick Cannon, Kenan Thompson, Amanda Bynes and others.

As far as what might change if Nickelodeon actually pulls the trigger on the reboot … Kevin tells us he thinks keeping the format simple would probably be best, just like ‘SNL’ has for all these years. 

Kevin says he hasn’t gotten word from anyone at Nickelodeon to reprise his role, but based on what he’s telling us here … it doesn’t sound like he’s saying no. 

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