Jason Sudeikis Donated More to Olivia Wilde's Mom's Campaign Than She Did

Jason Sudeikis One-Upped Olivia Wilde With Donation to Her Mom’s Campaign


Jason Sudeikis must really want to get on his future mother-in-law’s good side, ’cause he slightly one-upped his bae, Olivia Wilde, by donating more to her mom’s campaign than she did.

According to campaign finance records, Jason personally donated $5,400 to Leslie Cockburn‘s congressional campaign in late 2017. Cockburn’s running for Congress in Virginia’s 5th district — in addition to the side gig of being Olivia’s mama.

Meanwhile, it looks like Olivia only donated $5,000 — $400 short of Jason’s legally-capped max contribution — to her mom’s campaign around the same time. To be fair, per the records, Olivia wasn’t far behind … she dropped $2,500 in September 2017 and another $2,500 in December.

Cockburn can use all the help she can get, because she’s up against Republican Denver Riggleman in an area that typically votes red. Donald Trump won her district by 11 points in 2016.

Speaking of assistance … one of Jason and Olivia’s pals, writer Salman Rushdie, chipped in $1,000 toward Cockburn’s cause.  

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