Tonight’s Ebook Is “Mission To Moscow”

From Amazon: This book tells the inside story of Russia from the treason trials to the Nazi-Soviet war. Joseph E. Davies was appointed American Ambassador to the USSR on November 16, 1936, and left for his post shortly thereafter. He arrived to find the treason trial of Karl Radek approaching its climax. He remained in Moscow until the eve of the Czechoslovak crisis. Mr. Davies’ departure from Moscow did not end his activities in the field of Russian-American relations. After a year and a half as Ambassador to Brussels, he was summoned back to Washington to serve as special assistant to the State Department in charge of war emergency problems and policies. Mission to Moscow is a report to the American people on the facts which enabled Mr. Davies to predict the Nazi-Soviet Pact, the outbreak of the war, the German attack on Russia, and the amazing resistance of the Red Army.

WNU Editor: Just finished reading it … learned a few things. You can download the ebook from here.

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