The seaside was shocked to see the “half-and-a-half-a-half” creature.

Recently, foreign netizens went to the well-known beaches of Railay Bay in Thailand to go boating. After passing through a cave, they suddenly saw 5 or 6 unidentified creatures with brown long hair and savages like humans and humans. Playing the flute, let the visitors present to look dumbfounded on the spot.

After the netizen video, the netizen attracted more than 2 million people to watch in just 5 days, attracting a large number of netizens to discuss.

Some netizens found that this is actually one of the “Thailand Biennale Krabi 2018” held by the Office of Contemporary Art and Culture of the Ministry of Culture of Thailand and Krabi Province from November 2 to February 28 next year. Part of the performance.

According to Thai media reports, this “biological” is actually the work of Norwegian artist Tori Wranes, based on the image of “trolls” in Western novels.

The report pointed out that Tori Wranes integrated local traditional music into the performance to convey the local traditional culture and stories of Krabi.

So we were kayaking around Railay Bay in Thailand, turned a corner towards a cave, and found ourselves confronted with perhaps the most surreal and bizarre situation I've ever experienced — Ewok-like troll creatures engaged in some cacophonic ritual in the water. It went on for like 30 minutes! wtf is going on here?

Posted by Jemayel Khawaja on Jumaat, 2 November 2018

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