Cambodian boys can speak 8 languages and impress tourists to sell souvenirs

Cambodian boys can fluently manipulate multi-language, sell souvenirs for survival, and sing “We are different” to impress tourists!

According to ETToday, in order to seize business opportunities, a young boy in Siem Reap actually learned eight languages, including French, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, etc., and he will follow the trend and sing China. The singer’s “We are not the same”, amused female tourists are very happy, he also successfully sold the souvenirs in his hands.

Netizens uploaded a video on YouTube on the 9th, writing this admirable little boy who can speak many languages ​​fluently and was asked how to learn. He actually answered the question with the tourists. The boy was wearing a red shirt and followed the passengers all the way. He had a basket of items in his hand. He said that he would speak Cantonese, Chinese, English, Thai, Japanese, Korean, French and Malay. The female tourists were very surprised when they heard it. Multilingual dialogue with him.

The little boy actually learns so many languages, all in order to sell the items at hand, and he keeps saying in a tender voice, “Buy one, one.

Block of dollars. ”

Seeing that tourists don’t seem to have too much willingness to buy, the boy is still a big fan, singing the popular song “We are not the same”, and even improvising the lyrics, “We are here, selling things to you”, and finally impressed female tourists, succeeded Sold goods.

In fact, children who sell souvenirs are often found around Cambodia’s major attractions. If visitors have a wallet, it is easier to attract children. According to the Humanium website, although Cambodia’s economy is growing in Asia today, children still face many difficulties, including poverty, poor health, and lack of clean drinking water.

About 45% of children from 5 to 14 years old in Cambodia are working, and more than 300,000 children have to work hard to cover the family’s expenses. Although government legislation prohibits trafficking in children and sexual exploitation, it has not produced significant results; in addition, there are serious child marriage problems in the local area.

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