iPhone X screen touch problem Apple announced free repair and replacement

iPhone X users pay attention! Apple today (10th) confirmed that some of the iPhone X’s display modules have components that may be malfunctioning, or cause problems with screen touches. The official website announced that it will provide free replacement programs for affected users.

Apple pointed out on the official website that there are two possible problems in the display module of iPhone X, which may cause two problems: First, some areas of the display or display do not respond continuously or intermittently to the touch action; second, there is no touch. The display responds when it is active.

Holding an iPhone X user on hand, similar problems have occurred in recent use, and the display module can be replaced free of charge at an Apple retail store or an Apple-authorized repair center.

The user is advised to make a backup before the iPhone X is sent for repair. In addition, if the iPhone X screen has been damaged before the repair, there will be any damages that affect the repair. It is necessary to solve the problem before accepting the free repair service. It may even be necessary. Pay for additional repairs.

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