“The underwear is checked.” Female tourists travel to Australia for 3 days.

A Chinese netizen recently published an article titled “Australian Cold Prison, Closed Chinese Traveler: Writing to the Australian Embassy” at Tianya Forum, telling that he wants to go to Australia temporarily, but he is illegally employed by local customs. The person (referred to as the black worker) was detained and finally was trapped for three days and three nights before returning to the country. However, the author has also been questioned by many people. “What information is not prepared for travel?”

The author claims to be a Chinese white-collar (OL), who is engaged in consultation work. He traveled to Australia on the 26th of last month to come and see the “walking away” journey and experience the feeling of being a backpacker. She flew from Haikou, Hainan to Sydney, but was detained by the customs at the time of entry and taken to the dark house for 7-8 hours. She was finally handcuffed and sent to the immigration detention center.

In addition, she said that she was dumped by the customs, even the underwear and the RMB were checked; after being taken to the detention center, she asked to change the ticket so that she could return to China as soon as possible, but she was rejected by the other party. OL said, “You look at me for a return ticket. I must change it to No. 30. I can’t change it to 27-28-29. You don’t want to buy me a ticket instead of giving me a ticket. I can’t buy it myself.”

There are many people in the detention center who are “really black workers”, but according to OL’s words, “These people, you (customs) are buying tickets to buy fast and diligently, others don’t want to go, you have to push them. On the plane, and I, only pleading, suffering, waiting, etc., your immigration office treated me like this, your immigration office is like this without conscience and brain.”

After three days of detention, OL returned to China on the fourth day. She said that when she was in Sydney, she heard a Hong Kong person pointing at herself and explaining Hainan Airlines. “This is a suspect!”

She was sent back to Changsha on Hainan Airlines, but afterwards she was told that she only changed to Changsha, so she had to buy another ticket back to Haikou. She wrote at the end of the article, “Everything is like a dream, a stupid dream of walking away, a nightmare to hell! Travel, rules, rules in the mind of security! Australia… this life not see!”

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