Would Russia Engineer A Military Crisis On The Polish, Lithuania Border To Test NATO?

Patrick Tucker, Defense One: This is How Russia Could Test NATO, Warns Former US Army Europe Commander

Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges co-authors a new report that explores the possibility that Russia might engineer a military crisis on the Polish, Lithuania border.

At Poland’s northeast border there’s only a narrow strip of inland border connecting it to NATO members Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. It’s called the Suwalki Corridor and it has long been an object of concern for Western military leaders.

To the west sits a unique spot Russian territory, the exclave of Kaliningrad, a key military port on the Baltic Sea. To the east is Belarus, a key Russian military ally. On the eve of this week’s NATO Summit, the former commanding general of U.S. Army Europe is issuing a new warning: cutting off that corridor could be how Russian President Vladimir Putin cuts off the Baltic states from the rest of NATO, possibly without firing a shot.


WNU Editor: If Russia invades/occupies the Suwalki Gap …. it will not be a test on NATO, it will be major war between NATO and Russia.

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