Tito Ortiz Wants To Visit Donald Trump In White House After Beating Up Chuck Liddell

Tito Ortiz I Wanna Visit Trump … After Beating Up Liddell


Tito Ortiz has been a hardcore President Trump supporter for years … so after the MMA star beats the hell outta Chuck Liddell, he says he wants to take a trip to the White House. 

TMZ Sports talked to Ortiz at Kings MMA in West Hollywood — where Tito was preparing for the Ortiz-Liddell trilogy fight on November 24 — and we asked if he’d be down to take a trip to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave … if he wins.

“I would love to visit the White House. I’ve been supporting Trump since day 1.”

In the past, visiting the W.H. has been a rite of passage for championship athletes — until Trump was elected — and many stopped going (see Warriors, Eagles). 

Remember, Tito personally knows Trump … he was on “Celebrity Apprentice” back in ’08.

The “Huntington Beach Bad Boy” says being down with Trump — especially for someone of Mexican descent — ain’t always been easy.

“I’ve lost a lot of fans, but I’ve gained a lot of fans too.”

Ortiz also had a message for the Prez … who’s a big fan of combat sports.

“Donald Trump, keep doing what you’re doing, man. I appreciate you. I love your support. And keep standing your ground, and speak the way all the rest of us Americans need to be spoken for.”

“Yeah, you say a few things on Twitter that you probably shouldn’t say, but at the end of the day, you’re a true American like the rest of us are. Thank you very much for what you do for our country.”

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