LeBron Mural Artist Not Mad At Vandal, 'Every Story Needs a Villain'

LeBron Mural Artist Not Mad At Vandal ‘Every Story Needs a Villain’


Jonas Never — the guy who painted the new dope LeBron mural in L.A. — says he ain’t pissed his piece got tagged only hours after its completion … telling TMZ Sports it took just 20 minutes to fix!!

The kick-ass artist spent 12 painstaking hours putting his “King of L.A.” LeBron mural on Baby Blues BBQ in Venice … and just moments after it was finished — somebody drew all over it.

Jonas tells us it’s all good — it was an easy fix … but he does have a question for the dude who tagged it.

“I’d ask him, seriously, if they were a Laker fan, I don’t get how a Laker fan could be mad about getting the best player in the game right now.”

Jonas says they’ve added some new lighting and security cams to make sure he doesn’t have to retouch it again … but if it comes down to it — he ain’t sweatin’ it.

“It’s like getting a Mercedes and worrying about someone dinging it in a parking lot. It happens.”

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