With Migrants Coming Everyday, The Mayor Of Tijuana Has Declared A Huumanitarian Crisis, Pleading For International Help

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Az Central: Migrant caravan: Tijuana declares humanitarian crisis, asks for international help

The mayor of Tijuana declared an international humanitarian crisis on Thursday over the arrival of more than 5,000 mostly Central American migrants traveling in a caravan.

The migrants have streamed into the border city in the past week to seek asylum in the United States.

During a press conference Thursday, Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum asked international groups like the United Nations to step in help the city deal with the influx of migrants, amid a lagging response from the Mexican federal government, which he accused of neglecting their responsibilities to deal with migrant and immigration issues.


Update: Migrants defy Trump at Mexico border as US forces flex muscle (AFP)

WNU Editor: By threatening to close the border (President Trump Warns He May Shut Down Southern Border) if this policy is not adopted by Mexico …. Trump’s new plan would force asylum seekers to remain in Mexico as cases are processed (National Post/Washington Post) …. Mexico will be stuck with paying the bill to take care of these migrants. You cannot say that President Trump did not warn them …. ‘We will NEVER pay for a wall,’ Mexico’s foreign minister tells President Donald Trump via Twitter (USA Today).

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