Alec Baldwin Jokes About Parking Assault Case on 'SNL'

Alec Baldwin My Parking Arrest is a Total Joke … At Least on ‘SNL’!!!

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Alec Baldwin must be feeling confident about the outcome of his attempted assault case in NYC … ’cause he played it for laughs — while playing President Trump — on ‘SNL.’

The opening skit was about Trump’s anger over the Mueller probe and his ex-attorney Michael Cohen flipping. As Alec/Donald put it … “God, I haven’t been this upset since I flipped out over that parking space.”

This was Alec’s first appearance on the show since he got busted last month for trying to punch a guy who jacked his parking spot. Breaking character to poke fun at the case could be seen as a risky move.

Judges typically don’t react well to that sort of thing — however, the stakes ain’t exactly high here. Alec’s facing one count of attempted assault in the third degree, and one count of harassment in the second degree — a misdemeanor and a ticket, basically. 

Why not have some fun with it, right?

‘SNL’ also paid tribute to late President George H.W. Bush during the Weekend Update segment.   

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They pulled out some of Dana Carvey‘s best impressions of the 41st Prez — including that memorable moment when they got the real Bush to challenge Carvey.

Read our lips … it was funny stuff.

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