The U.S. Navy Wants Bigger Electronic Weapons

A nod to Spinal Tap in a page from the US Navy’s presentation to defense contractors given last month. US Navy

Quartz: The US Navy wants electronic weapons that “go to 11”

The US Navy is courting proposals from defense contractors to design the next generation of electronic warfare (EW) technology. It’s looking for devices that can be used to jam enemy radar and missile systems and deceive hostile forces—and the service branch wants equipment that “goes to 11.”

“The saying is, ‘He who controls the electronic spectrum controls the world,’” Stanton Parsons, a former Navy pilot who flew the radar-jamming EA-6A Electric Intruder airplane, told Quartz. “If you don’t control the electronic warfare spectrum, you will lose.”

Reflecting the Navy’s increasing use of small, unmanned ships and drones to augment and extend the capabilities of its existing force, the service branch is looking for ways to use a multitude of these devices to at once create an antenna capable of sending out radio frequencies with the power equivalent to those emitted from “black hole jets” or “gamma ray bursts,” according to documents from a Navy presentation given to defense contractors last month and posted in a federal contracting database.


WNU Editor:This is so true …. ‘He who controls the electronic spectrum controls the world.’

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