Willie McGinest Says Derrick Henry's 99-Yard TD Was NOT Best Run Of All Time

Willie McGinest Derrick Henry’s 99-Yd TD … Not The Best Run Ever!


Derrick Henry‘s 99-yard touchdown Thursday night was dope … but there are a few runs BETTER than it in NFL history — so says Pats legend Willie McGinest.

Henry stiff-armed three dudes straight to the dirt, stayed in bounds and outran all 11 Jaguars to the end zone … and the whole state of Tennessee went crazy after.

But, when we got Willie out at LAX — he says he’s seen better, “I would say it’s ONE of my top runs.”

Willie ain’t a hater … he just says he’s seen Marshawn Lynch go off way too many times to put Derrick’s epic run ahead of some of Beast Mode’s famous sprints.

“That’s why we started calling them the ‘Beast Mode Runs,’ ’cause of Lynch against the Saints. And then, I think he had another one against Arizona, so.”

Think Willie’s wrong?? Take a look at the Beast Quake one more time …

Yeah … we’re probably in Willie’s corner on this debate.

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