Military And Intelligence News Briefs — July 11, 2018

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Al Jazeera: NATO summit 2018: All you need to know

Funding and upcoming Trump-Putin talks have dominated discussions in the lead-up to Wednesday’s summit in Brussels.

Dozens of heads of state and government are set to meet in Brussels on Wednesday for what is likely to be a stormy NATO summit.

Although the 29-member military alliance’s annual meetings have traditionally been fairly by-the-book affairs, expectations are different this year – thanks, in large, to Donald Trump.

In office since January 2017, the US president has been openly critical of many of NATO’s practices, often railing against Washington spending more money on defence than other member states.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs — July 11, 2018

Trump calls for allies to spend more on defense at NATO summit — UPI

Senate votes to support NATO ahead of Trump summit — The Hill

US Senate votes to defend NATO as Trump attacks alliance — Defense News

Personality conflicts aside, NATO leaders are thinking more strategically — Nikolas Gvosdev, The Hill

Welcome to the modern military: China’s new combat units prepare for electronic warfare — SCMP

US plans to withdraw from INF Treaty — Russian defense minister — TASS

Russian Combat Drone Reportedly Set to Fly This Year — Popular Mechanics

South Korea plans to locally develop missile for homemade future jet — Defense News

With eye on China, New Zealand buys US anti-submarine jets — CNN

Outsourcing war: How foreigners and mercenaries power UAE’s military — Middle East Eye

Number of UK troops in Afghanistan to rise ahead of Nato summit — The Guardian

Canada to command NATO training mission in Iraq — CBC

‘No plans to double our defence budget,’ Trudeau says — CBC

NATO missile interceptor tests new tech in latest shot — Defense News

The Next B-52 Bomb Upgrade May Be a Tough Message for China — DoD Buzz

F-35 Replacement? Airbus Reveals Details About Sixth Generation Stealth Fighter — Sputnik

US to cut military aid for Africa’s fight against terrorism — Business Day

Identifications of US war dead from Korea could take years, official says — The Hill

Pentagon defends US warships in the Taiwan Strait, shrugs at China’s outcry — SCMP

USS Burlington completes builder’s trials — UPI

Bell’s V-280 Tiltrotor Will Get Lockheed’s New Long-Range Sensors — Defense Tech

US Buying More Laser-Guided Rockets Useful in Fight Against Daesh — Sputnik

Lockheed awarded contract for B-2 bomber refurbishment — UPI

Lockheed contracted for Aegis missile defense development — UPI

Engine for DARPA’s New Military Space Plane Aces Record-Breaking Test —

US officials preparing to review Afghanistan strategy: report — The Hill

Exclusive: After discouraging year, U.S. officials expect review of Afghan strategy — Reuters

Senate moves to start negotiations on defense policy bill — The Hill

This Week In Reliefs, Firings, Suspensions, And Other Military Mischief — Task & Purpose

New Army fitness standards. Now no push-ups, sit-ups — Hot Air

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