Is China Making Plans To Have 10 Aircraft Carriers (Or More)?

Richard D. Fisher Jr., National Interest: A Global PLAN?: China’s Navy Could Have 10 Aircraft Carriers (And More)

Signs abound that China is building or seeking the infrastructure necessary for global maritime projection.

In his reaction to the December 6 Chinese Global Times article quoting experts saying China’s People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) may require five or six aircraft carriers, David Axe wrote an article asking, “Could Beijing really pull it off?” The short answer is that Beijing is just getting started.

For the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) one of the most important missions for state media like the Global Times is to ensure that the Chinese people never doubt the increasing power of CCP’s dictatorship and that all others come to accept the inevitability of China’s “benevolent” global leadership. The Global Times and many other outlets daily promote scores of articles touting elements of Chinese power ranging from specific new weapons to China’s grand strategies. From now on, a major goal of China’s state media and its strategic information operations will be acclimating the world to a globally-projected People’s Liberation Army (PLA).


WNU Editor: China has the infrastructure to build this many aircraft carriers. My prediction …. their long term goal is to be the dominant superpower in the world. Having a minimum of 10 aircraft carriers will be needed to accomplish this.

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