Miss USA Makes Amends With Miss Vietnam, Miss Cambodia After Mocking Them

Miss USA Kisses And Makes Up WIth Miss Vietnam … After Mocking Her For Not Speaking English

Reigning Miss USA Sarah Rose Summers appears to be making good on her promise to smooth things over with a couple competitors she openly mocked for not speaking her tongue.

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A post shared by Francesca Hung (@francesca.hung) on Dec 13, 2018 at 3:52pm PST

Miss Australia Francesca Hung just posted an Instagram picture with a bunch of Miss Universe contestants … and as you can see, Sarah is getting a big smooch from Vietnam’s H’Hen Nie

Sarah’s got Miss Cambodia Rern Sinat on her other side, meaning she’s flanked by the two women she ridiculed for not speaking English. 

Controversy started brewing even before the Miss Universe pageant officially began … when Sarah, Miss Colombia Valeria Morales and Francesca went on social media and started gossiping about other contestants. 

Sarah directed xenophobic insults at the contestants from Vietnam and Cambodia … all because they weren’t speaking English. 

Facing mounting backlash, Sarah apologized for the nasty comments and promised to apologize in person to her targets. It appears she’s done so, and hopefully it’s all water under the bridge. 

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