Cris Cyborg Karate Kicks UFC Fighter In Nads Three Times!

Cris Cyborg Karate Kicks UFC Fighter In Nads … Three Times!!!

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A UFC fighter learned the new armor for his man jewels works just fine … and it’s all ’cause of Cris Cyborg‘s powerful kicks!!!

Here’s the deal … UFC’s Don Madge was in a gym recently and wanted to try out his new cup — so he asked Cyborg for a helping foot.

Cris reared back and went to kick the dude pretty hard — but Madge was having none of that … pulling away at the last second and screaming, “That was way too hard!!”

Don didn’t let that deter him … he asked for more from the UFC superstar — and Cyborg delivered — TWICE!!!

Good news for Madge … his genitals remained intact and seemingly unharmed — and looks like he’s found a solid cup for his next fight.

As for Cyborg … you can watch her kick someone FOR REAL in just a few days — her mega-fight with Amanda Nunes is all set for Dec. 29!!!

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