Robot Trucks Coming To US Army in 2019

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Zero Hedge: Robot Trucks Coming To US Army in 2019

The US Army has recently stated that two transportation battalions will receive a fleet of autonomous leader-follower vehicles by summer 2019. This is a developing theme in the service of ‘take the man out of the machine’ has led to a new era of autonomous systems entering the modern battlefield as the Pentagon prepares for the next series of conflicts.

“The Ground Vehicle Systems Center’s work with the Robotic Operating System – Military (ROS-M) covers a spectrum of autonomy and robotics, including small explosive ordnance disposal-assist robots that have been fielded as part of the advanced leader-follower capabilities that Soldiers in two transportation battalions will see by summer 2019,” said an article published in the January – March 2019 issue of Army AL&T magazine.


WNU Editor:  The private industry has invested heavily in R&D when it comes to trucks operating autonomously. I am not surprised that the US Army has also done the same thing.

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