Jamal Adams Says Jets O-Line Stole Sam Darnold's Wheels, Your Xmas Gifts Sucked!!

Jamal Adams Jets O-Line Steals Darnold’s Wheels … Your Xmas Gifts Sucked!!

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Sam Darnold learned a brutal rookie lesson Friday — if you don’t take care of your offensive lineman … YOU GET YOUR WHEELS JACKED!!!!

At least, that’s according to Jamal Adams … who says the Jets QB’s Christmas gifts to his O-Linemen were so trash — the big fellas literally ripped the front wheels straight off his whip!!

“Damn, Sam! Damn, Sam I Am!!! They got your ass, rook!!!!,” Adams says.

There was some initial confusion with Adams as to why the Toyota assault took place … with Jamal thinking Darnold had completely forgotten to get gifts for the guys who protect his life.

Turns out … Sam DID get them presents — they just sucked.

“He did get ’em gifts. He did. He did. They just didn’t like ’em!!!”

Worst part of the whole situation? It’s pouring in NY … so, Sam’s gotta deal with that mess in the rain on a Friday.

Consider that lesson learned.

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