The Security Situation Worsens In Burkina Faso

Reuters: Ethnic clashes kill 13 in Burkina Faso as security worsens

OUAGADOUGOU (Reuters) – Thirteen civilians have been killed in ethnic violence in central Burkina Faso, the government said on Wednesday, echoing a rise in inter-communal conflicts in neighboring Mali linked to Islamist violence.

Burkina has seen a spike in Islamist attacks in recent months as jihadists seek to increase their influence across the Sahel. On Dec. 31, the government declared a state of emergency in several northern provinces bordering Mali.

Attacks this week show how that violence may be fuelling ethnic clashes for the first time in Burkina.


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WNU Editor: The government does not appear to be equipped to deal with the Islamist militants that are coming in from Mali and Niger.

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