'Spider-Man' Director Proves New Golden Globes Carry Serious Weight

‘Spider-Man’ Director Peter Ramsey Weighs in on New Golden Globe … Heavier Than Ya Think!!!


One of the directors behind the Golden Globe-winning animated “Spider-Man” movie is more than happy to let us in on the new-look trophy — in fact, he might be a little too generous!

We got Peter Ramsey Sunday night in WeHo, at the Globes after-party at Delilah, where he let our photog handle his new hardware first-hand. Turns out, these little golden buggers — which got a big makeover this year — are pretty damn heavy.

[embedded content]

FWIW … the Golden Globe statuettes are now tipping the scales at 7.8 pounds … up more than 2 pounds from previous years. It’s made of brass, zinc and bronze (yeah, no actual gold) and is also 3/4 of an inch taller — so the supersize version’s got some oomph.

You gotta see how Peter shared his Globe, handing it to just about anyone who wanted it. Just a tip, dude … sometimes Hollywood trophies don’t leave with their rightful owner. It happens

Our camera guy also asked him where his GG is going. Trophy case? Garage? Bedroom? His answer’s pretty simple.

Side note: “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” was awesome. Congrats, Pete!

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