President Trump Addresses The Nation

All Trump needs to do is play the greatest hits of Schumer, Pelosi, Barack Obama, H Clinton and B Clinton. They all out-Trumped Trump on the illegal immigration rhetoric.

And the nation doesn’t give a sh#t about made up nonsense.

Bloviate lad, bloviate on.

Its funny how genuinely livid the leftwingers are over this. Or just in infantile denial.

Re: rebuttal: Pelosi and Schumer are LOL pathetic.

(she looks like the bride of Frankenstein)

You’d think that if the Dems were convinced that he’d crash and burn on the “Fake Immigration Crisis”, they’d let let him carry on.

And its especially delightful, with Schumer/Pelosi demanding equal time to overspray his message. They’re arguing against themselves and look all the more foolish in their hypocrisy.

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