Soulja Boy Hypes Himself, Announces New Album, Further Trashes Tyga & Drake

Soulja Boy I’m Hot S**t RN … Get Ready for My New Album!!!


Soulja Boy loves him some Soulja Boy, and why shouldn’t he? He’s wanted by multiple record labels, and he’s the hottest rapper in the game after having the biggest 2018 comeback … according to him.

The rapper tells TMZ his old record label, Interscope, desperately wants to sign him back, so he used it as leverage with his current label, eOne, to strike a deal for a new album … which he says is coming soon. Soulja says it’s 12 or 13 tracks … and it’s going to get the year kicked off right.

Soulja’s also got a list a mile long to prove he’s hip-hop’s rising star once again — including playing a venue he never landed back in the day — and doubles down on his Tyga bashing.

There’s more, though … because the rapper’s still got beef with Drake over allegedly stealing bars from his song in 2006. Oh, and he reminds us he paved the way for Justin Bieber on YouTube.

Soulja didn’t reveal the title of his new album, but based on the end of our chat with him, here’s one option — “Humble.”

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