President Trump: All Options Are On The Table In Regards To Venezuela

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New York Times: Trump Administration Urges Allies to Support Guaidó in Venezuela

WASHINGTON — Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called on nations across the Americas on Thursday to recognize the Venezuelan opposition leader as head of the country’s legitimate government and to break ties with President Nicolás Maduro.

Mr. Pompeo, speaking at a meeting in Washington of the 35-member Organization of American States, reiterated the United States’ recognition of Juan Guaidó, head of the National Assembly, as the new president of Venezuela. President Trump first announced the recognition on Wednesday, as Mr. Guaidó rallied Venezuelans to take to the streets in mass protests calling for the ouster of Mr. Maduro and new elections.

“All O.A.S. member states must align themselves with democracy and respect for the rule of law,” Mr. Pompeo said.

“The regime of former president Nicolás Maduro is illegitimate,” he said.

“His regime is morally bankrupt, it’s economically incompetent, and it is profoundly corrupt. It is undemocratic to the core.”


WNU Editor: At this moment in time, the U.S. will be doing the following …. U.S. seeks to cut off money for Venezuela’s Maduro, aid opposition (Reuters). There is some speculation that by ignoring President Maduro’s demand that U.S. diplomats must leave the country, the U.S. is setting up Maduro to provoke a response. I do not see that happening right now, and I certainly do not see a military option on the table. Currently there are no major U.S. military deployments in the region, and there is certainly no consultations with allies to pursue a military options. My prediction …. the U.S. will not pursue a military option. The reason why is simple. If you break it, you own it. Venezuela is a failed state. Its infrastructure has collapsed, and even the basics to survive are in short supply. The U.S. cannot afford an occupation of Venezuela, nor do I see any political or public support in the U.S. for such an action. This mess must be resolved by the Venezuelans themselves, with help from its immediate neighbours.

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