Wizards Star John Wall Still Sucks At Baseball

John Wall Sucks At Baseball

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NBA star John Wall is one of the most incredible, talented athletes on planet Earth — but, when it comes to baseball, he stinks. 

Remember … the Washington Wizards star threw arguably the worst first pitch in MLB history about seven years ago … and, unfortunately, he’s not much better with a bat in his hands.

Wall was at Nationals Park warming up for the MLB celebrity softball game Sunday night … when he took some BP.

If you’re counting at home … that was three fouls, a complete whiff, and maybe a base hit — all from a dude throwing lobs from about eight feet away!!

Wall’s confidence wasn’t shaken … he was somehow able to hit a single and score a run when the bright lights actually came on — but, still.

Makes you feel a little better about yourself knowing a dude who can do this on the court sucks this much off of it, right??

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