U.S. Director Of National Intelligence Claims That North Korea Will Not Give Up Its Nuclear Weapons

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Daily Mail/Agencies: Kim Jong Un wants to KEEP his nuclear weapons, Trump’s intelligence boss tells senators – contradicting president’s ‘denuclearization’ claim after his summit with North Korean dictator

* Dan Coats, the Director of National Intelligence, tells the Senate Intelligence Committee, that Kim Jong Un sees nuclear weapons as vital to his regime
* He said of North Korea: ‘Its leaders ultimately view nuclear weapons as critical to regime survival.’
* Coats’ assessment, which is on behalf of all the U.S. intelligence agencies, directly contradicts Trump who said Kim was on way to full denuclearization
* Intelligence chief also disclosed ‘observations of some activity that is inconsistent with full denuclearization’
* Report also warned Russia will try to hack 2020 election by spreading division on social media and that ISIS ‘still command thousands of fighters’

North Korea will try to keep its nuclear weapons and is still working on them, Donald Trump’s director of national intelligence warned Tuesday – directly contradicting the president’s claim about his relationship with Kim Jong Un.

In an assessment casting doubt on President Donald Trump’s goal of a nuclear-disarmed North Korea, U.S. intelligence agencies told Congress that the North is unlikely to entirely dismantle its nuclear arsenal.


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