EU Pleads With Iran To Stop Its Missile Tests And Assassination Plots On European Soil

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DW: EU to Iran: Stop missile tests, assassination attempts on European soil

The European Union has struck out at Iran over its missile program and “unacceptable behavior” in Europe and the Middle East. Tehran has rejected the concerns as “baseless” and “non-constructive.”

The European Union on Monday urged Iran to put an “immediate end” to “unacceptable behavior,” including refraining from any further ballistic missiles tests or attempts to assassinate Iranian dissidents on European soil.

The warning, which prompted a terse response from Tehran, has come amid pressure from the United States to counter growing Iranian influence in Europe and the Middle East.


Update: EU backs Iran trading system but warns on Syria, missiles (AFP)

WNU Editor: Iran has told the EU to “pound sand” …. Iran Slams EU Accusations of “Assassination Attempts, Terrorist Plots in Europe” (Sputnik). More here …. Tehran bats away EU criticism of Iranian missile tests (Reuters).

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