The Kremlin Doubts That Venezuelan President Maduro Will Stay In Power

Russian President Vladimir Putin (right) meeting with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in Moscow on October 3, 2017.

Moscow Times: Russia Starts to Worry Maduro’s Grip Is Slipping in Venezuela

After pledging full support for the embattled regime of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, Russia is starting to show signs of doubt about his ability to survive an opposition challenge.

While Moscow hasn’t given up its public backing of Maduro, it increasingly recognizes that the disastrous state of Venezuela’s economy is inexorably draining what remains of his public support, said two people close to the Kremlin. At the same time, the army’s reluctance to crack down on its own citizens limits his ability to use force to crush the challenge to his rule, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the issue is sensitive.

“Unfortunately, time isn’t on Maduro’s side,’’ said Vladimir Dzhabarov, first deputy chairman of the international affairs committee in the upper house of Russia’s parliament. “In a situation of worsening economic crisis, the mood in society can quickly turn against him.’’


Update #1: Russia ‘has begun to doubt whether Maduro can cling to power in Venezuela due to the country’s disastrous economy and military turning against him’ (Daily Mail).
Update #2: What Is At Stake for Russia in Venezuela? (VOA)

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