Iran Unveils Its New ‘Cruise Missile Capable’ Submarine

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Daily Mail: Iran launches its new ‘cruise missile capable’ submarine amid heightening tensions with the US

* The 600-tonne submarine can operate for 35 days beneath the surface at depths of up to 600 feet
* Iranian media said the new vessel was made domestically and is capable for firing cruise missiles
* The vessel, named Fatah – Farsi for Conqueror – is also equipped with naval mines as well as torpedoes
* President Hassan Rouhani said today’s launch means Iran is self sufficient on land, in the air and at sea

Iran has launched a new submarine it built itself which it claims is capable for firing cruise missiles amid heightened tensions with the United States.

The new vessel, named Fateh – Farsi for ‘Conqueror’ – was launched by President Hassan Rouhani in the southern port city of Bandar Abbas.

She show of strength comes as relations between Tehran and Washington are tense following President Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris nuclear accord.


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