Conor McGregor is Scared of Khabib, Says Nurmagomedov's Manager

Conor McGregor Scared of Khabib Rematch … Says Khabib’s Manager


Conor McGregor is scared. Scared of Khabib, and scared of a rematch … and they ain’t fighting, at least according to Khabib’s manager. 

Manager Ali Abdelaziz told TMZ Sports his superstar fighter wants to return to the Octagon in September … so we asked, is there a shot Khabib fights Conor in a rematch of their record-setting UFC 229 bout?

Ali’s answer …

“Conor McGregor did not ask for the rematch. He don’t want to have nothing to do with the rematch.” 

In fact, Ali says it ain’t just Conor who’s shook … his whole family and homeland is terrified of Khabib.

“His father don’t wan’t nothing to do with rematch. His mother don’t want nothing to do with rematch. His kids. His wife. The whole country of Ireland. They don’t want to spell the word rematch. They are fear. It’s fear going around Ireland.”

“They don’t wan’t to see anything that starts with ‘K.'”

So, if it’s not Conor … who will Khabib fight?

Well, Ali says it could be Tony Ferguson — but the Eagle’s down to fight anyone … or anything.

“[Khabib] will fight a camel. A donkey. He will fight a bear. He will fight a tiger. But, I know one thing, we’re gonna let Conor live rest of his life in peace.”

Ali left us with a message for McGregor … “If you can’t inhale the smoke, don’t talk about the smoke.”

Not sure that’s how the saying goes, but you probably get his point.

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