North Korea’s Limousine Bodyguards Are In Hanoi For The Trump – Kim Summit

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Business Insider: Kim Jong Un’s elite bodyguards — famous for running next to his diplomatic Mercedes — were back for his entrance to Vietnam ahead of his second summit with Trump

* Kim Jong Un’s famous running bodyguards were back in action on Tuesday ahead of the US-North Korea summit in Vietnam.
* The 12 black-suited bodyguards act as an elite human shield for the North Korean leader, and are hand-picked for marksmanship, martial arts skill, and attractiveness.
* The guards escorted Kim’s official Mercedes as it passed through Hanoi on Tuesday, breaking in to a synchronized jog as the car sped up.
* Donald Trump and Kim are due to meet for their second set of talks between the countries on Wednesday. The first was in Singapore last year.

Kim Jong Un’s 12 bodyguards, who seamlessly jog in formation around his official Mercedes, have made the journey to Vietnam for Wednesday’s US-North Korea summit.

The suited guards shot to fame eight months ago when they jogged in formation around Kim’s car as it passed through Singapore during the first summit between Donald Trump and Kim, the first top-level meeting between the US and North Korea.

They were captured again by TV cameras on Tuesday. Footage below from Euronews shows them transitioning into jogging formation as Kim’s official Mercedes passed crowds on the way to his residence in Hanoi:


WNU Editor: It’s all about the optics.

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