Commentaries And Analysis On The Failed U.S. – North Korea Nuclear Summit

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un and U.S. President Donald Trump talk in the garden of the Metropole hotel during the second North Korea-U.S. summit in Hanoi, Vietnam on February 28, 2019. Photo by Leah Millis/Reuters

Hao Gui, DW: Trump-Kim summit — predictably disappointing outcome

The Kim-Trump meeting in Vietnam came to an end without concrete results. The confidence-building process between North Korea and the US must soon be followed by multilateral talks with other stakeholders, says Hao Gui.

Much excitement, no progress — a predictable outcome. It was already clear in advance that the outcome of the Hollywood-style meeting between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un would not live up to its political symbolic meaning.

The fact that the two opponents met for talks at all was mainly for domestic political reasons on both sides. Kim wants to prove to his followers that he can force the “capitalist arch-enemy” to have direct talks at eye level. His risky escalation strategy has helped the young politician to appease hardliners in the party and army and to expand his power.


Commentaries And Analysis On The Failed U.S. – North Korea Nuclear Summit

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