Estonia Spy Chief: Russia Will Meddle In European Elections And Continue To Prepare For War

The EU parliament is a ‘considerable target for Russian influence operations’, says Estonia

CNBC: Report: Russia will meddle in European elections, keep prepping for war with NATO

In a conflict, Russia would likely hit the Baltic States first, but war between Russia and NATO would involve attacks on Western Europe, says a new report.

WASHINGTON — In 2019 Russia will likely try to influence the European Parliament elections, continue intelligence and influence operations against the West, and keep preparing for armed conflict with NATO, according to the latest annual threat assessment by the Estonian Foreign Intelligence Service.

NBC News obtained an exclusive preview of the 70-page report, which provides a window into the activity and goals of the Russian intelligence services from next door in Estonia.

Russia will target the European parliamentary elections in May, the report says, with a likely focus on the larger member states — Germany, France and Italy — where it can hope to have the most influence on the composition of the E.U. Parliament, whose members are elected for five-year terms.


WNU Editor: The Estonia Foreign Intelligence Report is here …. International Security And Estonia 2019

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