After The Christchurch Terrorist Attack, A New Zealand Artist's Illustration Has Captured How People Are Feeling

The piece is by Ruby Jones, a 25-year-old living in Wellington, who told BuzzFeed News she wanted to capture how her country was feeling in the aftermath of the tragedy, which claimed the lives of 49 people.

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“Drawing is how I deal with everything on a day to day basis,” Jones said. “When the events in Christchurch started unfolding, I couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing, just going in and out of shock and tears and anger.”

“It felt like the only thing I could do in that moment was put a tiny speckle of warmth out there for anyone who needed it,” she continued. “A hug, although small, is a symbol of love and togetherness and warmth.”

Jones said she has since received messages from people all around the world.

“It’s quite overwhelming,” she said. “But at times like these, simple images and words often connect with people the most.”

“So many messages have made me cry, from people all around the world just saying it’s exactly how they’re feeling, and that seeing themselves in the image means a lot,” Jones added.

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